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The Sugary Truth

Did you know that The American Heart Association's daily recommended sugar allowance is 36 grams for men, 20 grams for women, and 12 grams for kids? Did you know that our daily intake averages 95 [...]

The Health Benefits of Good Sugar Control

It's that time of year again, after the Holidays when workouts and healthy eating went straight out the window. Each and every year thousands of American then struggle to keep their New Years Resolutions with [...]

Paint Thinner Found In Kid’s Cereals

Recently many have noticed that there are some strange ingredients on popular kids' cereals. These ingredients are well known to be Trisodium phosphate (or tribasic sodium phosphate; TSP), which is a known as a heavy duty cleaner. Many call this a conspiracy theory, others suggest that the ingredient mixes with [...]

The Obesity-Diabetes Epidemic and The Impacts of Fasting

The Obesity-Diabetes Epidemic and The Impacts of Fasting w/ Dr. Jason Fung MD Dr. Bubbs interviews obesity and diabetes expert Dr. Jason Fung MD, exploring the high blood sugar and insulin epidemic that affects all Western countries today. Dr. Fung discusses the flaws in the "calories in vs calories out" [...]

OptMed Obtains Strategic Investment and License Agreement with Synecoun

NEW YORK, Sept. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- OptMed, Inc., a medical device company focused on the commercialization of BondEase®, a novel surgical adhesive, announced today that it formed a strategic relationship with Synecoun, a Chinese medical technology company located in China Medical City, Taizhou, a major biopharmaceutical Chinese hub. Synecoun is [...]

How Much Added Sugar Is Too Much?

Are table sugar and high fructose corn syrup just empty calories or can they be actively harmful? Or is there a reason why whole foods, or a plant-based diet is preferable to a diet that includes artificial junk and processed sugars? In 1776, at the time of the American Revolution, [...]


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