Paint Thinner Found In Kid’s Cereals

Recently many have noticed that there are some strange ingredients on popular kids' cereals. These ingredients are well known to be Trisodium phosphate (or tribasic sodium phosphate; TSP), which is a known as a heavy duty cleaner. Many call this a conspiracy theory, others suggest that the ingredient mixes with others to create a chemical [...]

Greenwich Company Hits Whole Foods Market with Paleo-Diet Friendly Ice Pops

Nothing says "refreshing dessert" quite like kale, right? OK, maybe not. But one Greenwich company is hoping to change that with its new line of ice pops. "Kale is the hottest buzzword going right now, but it's kind of disgusting," said Marty Sands, founder and CEO of Paleo Passion Pops. "But we made kale delicious [...]