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  • The Sweet Life - Paleo Passion Foods Marty Sands

Greenwich Magazine Interview’s Martin Sands

Martin Sands, Co-Founder and CEO of Paleo Passion Foods recently sat down with Greenwich Magazine to discuss his passion for healthy eating, food education and the killer in disguise, lurking in everyone's cupboard.

How to Break Sugar Addiction: 7 Steps to Help You Stop Eating Sugar

Sugar Addiction may be bigger than opiate addiction. The only reason why it may not be getting as much attention, is that there are many people invested in sugar. From farmers to candy companies, soda, baked goods. Sugar is everywhere. And sugar kills people slowly, allowing for the Western Medical [...]

The Sugary Truth

Did you know that The American Heart Association's daily recommended sugar allowance is 36 grams for men, 20 grams for women, and 12 grams for kids? Did you know that our daily intake averages 95 grams? We have a serious problem that has large impacts that slowly eat away at [...]

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