It’s that time of year again, after the Holidays when workouts and healthy eating went straight out the window. Each and every year thousands of American then struggle to keep their New Years Resolutions with unreasonable goals, when they could just take one small step that could have a really big impact in their diet, lifestyle and overall health. What is that simple change? Decreasing the amount of sugar you intake daily. Sounds easier than it is, because we as a society have become used to everything being sweetened. And so the sugar addiction leads from one binge to another, and after the New Years Resolution comes the first test, Valentine’s Day. Chocolate Boxes EVERYWHERE!

What Is One To Do??

Let’s put things in perspective, another year gone by, another week, and another story about diabetes: this time the ticking time bomb that affects the UK with those suffering from type 2 diabetes now numbering more than 4 million and this figure predicted to rise to 5 million in less than a decade. This same disease has been hitting Americans at all time highs, reaching children while they are still elementary school!

Nothing new there exactly, as experts have been predicting this particular time bomb for a while. I’m not a great fan of such stories because of their gloom and doom tone. It’s all very well frightening people, but fear isn’t always a great motivator.

Why not stress the good things that happen when you take control of your diabetes? As a type 1 myself, I can personally vouch for how different you feel when your blood sugar is under control.

Like you could conquer the world!

In contrast, when your sugar levels are running higher than they should, it makes you grumpy (as my husband and mum can certainly vouch for), depressed and tired on a day-to-day level.

If you watch your diet carefully, eat low-carbohydrate meals and take regular exercise, you can start to:

  • enjoy higher levels of energy
  • feel less tired
  • feel as if you WANT to exercise or get active
  • feel sociable
  • see your skin improve (rashes clear up and the tone evens out so that you look younger)
  • lose weight if you need to and enjoy the confidence and other feelings that are usually associated with losing excess weight
  • see improvements in your dental health (high sugar levels often result in gum disease)
  • reverse certain complications associated with diabetes
  • enjoy improvements in your relationships (it’s really hard to have great relationships when you are feeling like s**t)
  • sleep better (though maybe you won’t just be going to bed to sleep, see above bullet…)
  • feel better after you eat (instead of wanting to go to sleep).


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