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The Health Benefits of Good Sugar Control

It's that time of year again, after the Holidays when workouts and healthy eating went straight out the window. Each and every year thousands of American then struggle to keep their New Years Resolutions with unreasonable goals, when they could just take one small step that could have a really big impact in their diet, [...]

Greenwich Magazine Interview’s Martin Sands

Martin Sands, Co-Founder and CEO of Paleo Passion Foods recently sat down with Greenwich Magazine to discuss his passion for healthy eating, food education and the killer in disguise, lurking in everyone's cupboard.

Greenwich Company Hits Whole Foods Market with Paleo-Diet Friendly Ice Pops

Nothing says "refreshing dessert" quite like kale, right? OK, maybe not. But one Greenwich company is hoping to change that with its new line of ice pops. "Kale is the hottest buzzword going right now, but it's kind of disgusting," said Marty Sands, founder and CEO of Paleo Passion Pops. "But we made kale delicious [...]

Paleo Passion Foods Launches Natural Ice Pops with No Added or Processed Sugar

Paleo Passion Pops offer health-conscious consumers a chance to enjoy a frozen treat without added chemicals and processed sugars. The all-natural ice pop uses fruit to provide a sweet, refreshing and healthy snack.